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Deron R. Harrington is a Houston Attorney and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) that provides legal services through Deron R. Harrington, PLLC.

The law firm of Deron R. Harrington, PLLC provides holistic and "big picture" advice to individuals and businesses. His "wheelhouse" is TAXATION and finance. 

BUT Deron often describes his practice as a “holistic” because at any given time, it might include everything from a fairly straight forward tax problem, a contractual dispute between parties, dealing with a business decision, helping folks deal with the death of a loved one, or assisting folks with planning for the future.  All of these matters involve legal and financial considerations ---and cut across multiple practice lines.

Real life problems and the potential solutions have no boundaries -- they are often multi-dimensional in nature.    

Deron has always handled a large and wide variety of matters and believes that’s what makes the practice of law interesting and provides a more comprehensive representation for the client.  "I choose not to limit myself too dramatically and if a case sounds interesting and I think I can help someone, I’ll take a look.  I just rarely find a client's issues neatly contained in a box. ” says Deron.

Deron will gladly engage in a consultation by phone, in person, or via video chat to determine whether he assist you. If not, he will offer the names of other lawyers who might be able to serve you.

So while the list below is by no means comprehensive or exhaustive, it should offer prospective clients an idea about the types of matters Deron Harrington typically handles or has handled in the past:

Commercial Law 

Estate Planning      




All legal services are provided by the Law Firm of Deron R. Harrington, PLLC

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