What are Holistic Solutions?

The word "holistic" means having to do with wholes or systems, rather than with just parts.  "Holistic" is a concept being used in many industries, including health care.  For some, its simply jargon. 

But what are "Holistic Solutions" in the context of providing you legal services?  Why does it matter?  Holistic legal service attempts to serve the client in the context of recognizing that the client holds many parts that comprise or make up the whole client.

In applying Holistic Problem Solving and Solutions, I am helping the client; the whole person, not just isolated to the legal issues -- by drawing from a very broad base of diverse experience and educational background in doing such.

I am fortunate to possess strong background and training in the financial area so obviously the financial + legal combo jumps out at most people.  However, I am looking at your situation and you in a broad sense  --  and I am drawing from a very broad base of experience and knowledge beyond financial + legal in doing such.  This is the more part.    

It's not new but it is often overlooked and minimized. Attorneys are often referred to "Attorneys AND Counselors at Law".  I view the "Counselor at Law" aspect as a critical component and very important in any attorney-client relationship.  

If you want just the law --- the library is full of books -- you can start reading them.  Integration, navigation, and counsel -- while viewing the situation as a whole --- is the is the real key to serving you.        

Every ounce of my abilities and background is used and brought to bear in helping my clients find solutions to the problems and issues they face -- not just the pure legal aspects.  

Not in a box or isolated - the whole picture. 

That's what I mean by "Holistic Solutions" - it is simply helping people by providing good solid advice that cuts across many disciplines - with a view towards the client as a whole.