Deron R. Harrington, JD,CPA

Deron R. Harrington, JD, CPA is in the business of helping people.  With his well-rounded education and experience, he provides counsel to real people when they face problems. 

"One of the things I really try to focus on is that people many times have problems not isolated to one particular legal area but rather the problem usually can bleed into many facets and many areas have to be considered.  Life is complicated and clients need well rounded advice that covers many spans of legal, financial, and even common sense areas.  For instance, a tax problem is many times a financial problem and financial problems leads to other issues." 

"I try to examine things from as much of a big picture vantage point as possible and try to make people's interaction with me a blessing designed to help detangle things.  I've got to use any wisdom possible to help them navigate through the issues.  Many times when things are laid out in a logical fashion for folks they reach all of their decisions quickly and then it's just a matter of helping them put the solutions in place."   

"My practice has grown and developed based one thing alone -- helping people.  That is the business I am in.  I try really hard to never lose sight of that.  It is my mission in life and I take the trust my clients have made in me very seriously.  I know if I do that then everything else will take care of itself with good decisions and effort."

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