Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We add to these based on questions we encountered from clients and update as needed:

1)      Question:  Is there any cost to talking to you? 

Answer:  Yes. My billing rate is $300.00 per hour and that meeting is to determine the issues and map out potential solutions. That meeting will be value to you to focus on the issues and identify solutions. It's for you. It's not a sales meeeting. Cost is solely based on time in the initial consultation. There no obligation other than the time spent in the initial meeting. (See How to Become a Tax Client section)

2)      Question:  How much of a retainer/advanced fee do you typically require?

Answer:  The retainer/advanced fee are always based on a good faith estimate of the time/costs involved with solving the potential problem(s) so it is hard to say. Retainer is designed to have funds to time when it's needed. Often I can work with clients to minimize the impact of the timing of such retainer.   

3)      Question:  What if I don't spend all that?  What if I go over that amount?  Will you work under a "flat" fee? 

Answer:  The retainer/advance fee is simply money that I am holding on your behalf for future legal work in accordance with the Legal Service Agreement.  As such, I am required to hold all unearned funds received from clients in trust.  As we bill against your work then your account is reduced.  When exhausted, we will request more funds to handle the problem based on a good faith assessment of the work ahead.  As a convenience, we try to give a "heads up" and work with the client to foresee the funding requirements as best we can.  If the matter can be taken care of and funds remain then they are refunded to the client because it is your money. 

We very rarely perform work on a flat fee because the scope of the work can change and it cannot be easily foreseen ahead of time. We can try if it's possible.  (See the Legal Service Agreements in the How to Become a Tax Client section).       


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