Just what exactly is Tax Planning anyway?

We get that question a lot.  In essence, it's proactively recognizing that the tax system has a certain structure around it and that we should take that into account when we do things.  It's proactive in nature not reactive.  It says "what's the optimal way to get this done"?   What things should I avoid?    

It's not simply solving the equation and all our tax liability goes away but it does seek to minimize it whenever possible under the law.

Do you want your professional working with you to have an understanding of potential tax ramifications when drafting a contract, creating an estate plan, structuring a commercial acquisition, administering an estate?  Most professionals disclaim tax advice.  Why?--Likely because they don't know anything about it.    

In helping clients we keep the tax focus. 

Death and Taxes are a certainty---we want our clients prepared for both.  If you have some needs in this or others in our practice then we would be glad to discuss your unique situation. 






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